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The Romp by Mavuriku The Romp by Mavuriku
Here are the final designs for the otter children in my story. After much fine tuning, adjusting, and readjusting, I am completely satisfied with their turn out. Let me tell you a little about each of them starting left to right:

Christopher - I think Christopher has changed the most from the look and personality I had originally developed for him. At first he was going to be a bit of a goody-goody: kind of quiet, kind of bookish, well mannered and polite. But then I realized that I needed something to contrast the level dispositions of the other 3 characters. Hence, Christopher became a feisty soul, always up for a bit of a scrap, and stuck living in the shadow of his older bother. Perfect for a middle child.

Tomas - I've slightly altered Tomas's look, shortening his neck and widening his eyes to make him look younger, and I have removed the "h" from the spelling of his name. His character, however, has remained the same. Being the eldest, he looks out for his younger brothers and sister. He's teetering between that awkward stage between childhood and becoming and adolescent, and though he does his best to make reasonable, mature decisions, it's not uncommon for the antics of his siblings to revert him back to a child like state.

Madeline - Of the four, Madeline is the second oldest. For the most part, she's very much a girl: sweet natured, light hearted, and polite. But don't let her demeanor fool you. Growing up with her brothers has also helped her develop strong confidence in herself and an overpowering drive for adventure. She has no trouble keeping up with them nor is she ever discounted from their company.

William - Though the youngest, William is up to par with his older siblings. He's not much of a talker, and what he lacks in words, he makes up for with thought. Many a time, William's cleverness has gotten his brothers and sister out of the consequences of their mischief, though I can't say he's ever much advised against whatever got them into trouble in the first place. William looks up to all of his siblings and not once has be been considered by them to be a pest.
Dartpaw86 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Christopher is adorable! I totally love those hats :D
Being a huge Redwall fan I oddly never pictured an otter with one...
KBAFourthtime Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
Very nice work.
Dragonheart101 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011
Aw, I love Christopher's pants, and William's overalls are simply darling! :D Adorable style!
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